About us

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It’s been a long and winding road to get here. I spent 10 amazing, stressful, exciting, turbulent years in an emerging industry; largely helping small businesses protect and promote their products, opened it my eyes to the fact that consumers don’t always get to make their own decisions. 

When introducing new and innovative products, I know how much energy can be put into blocking adults from choosing what products work best for them. 

As a woman, it had not escaped my attention that many products are produced without much thought as to which gender will be using them and without considering that different genders may prefer different delivery systems.

As the daughter of Hispanic immigrants, it was always important that we not rely on pharmaceuticals and find our own way. 

Herbal Elle Resources, our debut line, is based on natural hemp and its derivatives aimed at women (we love men and encourage them to use our products too!). Our fast-acting spray products give you the results you want, in 30 minutes or less. They are convenient and effortless to use and you get the benefits without the hassle or stigma associated with some delivery methods. 

Use Herbal Elle products discreetly (or out in the open!) whenever you want, wherever you want. Carry them around, control your dose and enjoy what nature has to offer on your terms. 

Best regards,

Cynthia Cabrera

Founder, Herbal Elle Resources, Cating Labs LLC